PREDATOR 3D - 300 ml

New 3D generation for protection from troublesome and dangerous insects. A 3D and 2D insecticide of a broad efficacy range against mosquitoes, ticks, black flies , flies, moths, ants and other troublesome insects. Intended to be used both outdoors and indoors it kills mosquitoes in any of their development stage: - larvae and pupae (apply to garden tankers and barreles with water or wherever mosquito larvaes can occur. - adults

Field test were perfomed in Soutok, an area with mosquito landing rate of upto 900 mosquitoes per minute. Both, laboratory and field test were performed by the National Institute of Public Health in Prague as ranking among most modern and efficacious product against mosquitoes. Approved for use in agriculture by Institute for State Control of Veterinary Biologicals and Medicines. Use biocides safely!