PREDATOR MAXX plus spray 80 ml

Again a few steps before our competitors Maximum power, maximum efficacy. A new, compact, pocket repellent against mosquitoes, ticks, black flies and horse flies. Higher effecacy than that of standard DEET 50% proven while more gentle to skin Suitable for children older that 2 years. The new repellent repellent that can be appliedboth to skin and/or clothing is designed for areas infeted with troublesome and harmful insects.

Due to its exclusive formulation it protects against ticks and all mosquito species including those occuring in the exotic destinations throughout the world. A proper new Czech formulation based on the newest scientific knowledge developed in cooperation with entomologists, forest workers, the army and travellers. Tested in National Instiute of Public Health in Prague under extreme conditions. Reccomeded to combine with the insecticide with repelling effects Predator Outdoor to be applied to clothing with efficacy lasting for upto 28 days. For night outdoor activities it is recomnede to combine with repellent Predator 3D. Volume: 80 ml Active substances: DEET 25%, Icaridine KBR 3023 25%. Use biocides safely ! Without perfume.