Body repellent intended mainly for travelers to risk areas with a high probability of infection by infected insects. Repellent with a high proportion of active substances enriched with UV protection factor 30 SPF. Universal repellent for use in all geographical areas against all species of mosquitoes and ticks, including tropical ones. The compact pocket pack allows you to have the product with you at all times and apply it repeatedly in extreme conditions if necessary. It is also suitable for children from 2 years. The recommended daily dose when applied directly to the skin of an adult is 12 g (whole body area). The product contains 25% of the active substance DEET and 25% of the active substance Icaridin. Due to the absence of alcohol, it has excellent hydrophobic properties, which prevents rapid evaporation and prolongs the shelf life. A special 360 ° aerosol valve allows you to apply a 100% solution in any position of the bottle. Do not apply to clothing, it leaves grease. Apply another type of product to the garment, namely PREDATOR OUTDOOR, which is specifically designed for this and where the effectiveness has been proven even a month after application. Do not apply to plastic objects (mobile phone, glasses, watches, etc.) the product may damage these objects. After exposure, wash with soap and water. Active substance content: DEET 24.9% + ICARIDIN 25.1%, ie a total of 500 g / kg Tanning factor: SPF 30 Content: 90 ml Notice: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.